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Nijinokai On-line Japanese Class

The 2022 Autumn term of Rainbow Club Japanese class will begin on October 17th (Monday). Please check the class schedule.

●Term:Monday, October 17th - Thursday, February 16th
 (Holidays : Friday, December 16th - Tuesday, January 10)

●Application : Starts on October 17th 

●How to study : On-line class One lesson(80 minutes)×13 times

●Tuition : Free (¥0)

● Each class capacity : 10

●Eligibility : 
[1]Foreign students and researchers at University of Tsukuba and their family members. (Those who have already been accepted by University of Tsukuba can take the class in their countries as well.)

[2] The Others
Anyone who would like to study Japanese and meets both of the following conditions A and B, can join within the capacity.
A:Those who noticed their residences to the municipality where they live.
B:Those who live in Tsukuba city or its vicinity, or work in Tsukuba city or commute to schools/universities in Tsukuba city, and their family. 

 Class & Day  Contents of study  Textbook
 This class is for those who can read Hiragana and Katakana.
You will study basic phrases of daily life. You will learn Lesson1-6 of「みんなの日本語(にほんご) 初級(しょきゅう)Ⅰ本冊(ほんさつ) 第(だい)2版(はん)」.
Class one is already full. More applicants for it will be on the waiting list.
 Target students: Those who understand verb conjugations,“ます-form” (e.g.たべます/たべません/たべました/たべませんでした).
You will study Lesson 10-17 of「みんなの日本語(にほんご) 初級(しょきゅう)Ⅰ本冊(ほんさつ) 第(だい)2版(はん)」.
 Target students: Those who understand verb conjugations, “て-form” (e.g.して), “ない-form”(しない), “じしょ-form”(する), and “た-form”(した).
You will study Lesson 26-31 of「みんなの日本語(にほんご) 初級(しょきゅう)Ⅱ本冊(ほんさつ) 第(だい)2版(はん)」
 *Study-aid books :
These books are published in various languages and the one in your language may help you.