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Nijinokai Japanese Class

This group organizes Japanese classes at Ichinoya Community Center, the University of Tsukuba. We teach Japanese to:,

  1. Foreign students and researchers at University of Tsukuba, the other universities, and their family members *
  2. Scientists and their family members (direct relative) belonging to any Research institutes in Tsukuba city. .

The curricula are beginners’ courses I, II and III, requiring attendance of two classes per week. The classes are held mornings and afternoons, Monday through Friday.

If you are interested in our classes, check the above schedule. You are welcome to just pop in.

A small event is held for students who have completed the course in either October or March depending on when you started.  You also have the opportunity to give a speech to demonstrate what you have learnt at the occasion of completion ceremony in March.

We also have study meetings to improve teaching skills among the instructors.